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Lieutenant Dan, ice cream.

Lieutenant Dan, ice cream.

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Complete set of my Frozen typographic series! 

For prints, tshirts, phone cases, bags, etc., you can check them on RedbubbleSociety6 :D

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Favourite Ships - Draco & Hermione [Harry Potter]


"Such hostility." He raised his eyebrows. "Should I remember you?"
“I wouldn’t expect you to”, the girl gave back with a glare. “Sure it was common for you to push around little girls and to call them ‘peasants’ as you did so…”
‘It was…’ he thought and his stomach churned, because even with that horrible revelation she indeed still was only one amongst the many he had mistreated…

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Ragnar and Lagertha. There is a look these two have, only with each other. Lagertha glows, and Ragnar smirks and gazes… I never noticed it until Ragnar sees her for the first time as Earl. It’s how he has always greeted her, and speaks to her when he is showing care.

I think that’s telling.

[no I have not forgiven him:) just pointing out something I realized last night. He loves her, he just loves his glory more]

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Have you ever seen anyone being blood-eagled before? I’m told it is the worst, most painful death of all… but astonishing. Truly astonishing to those who watch.

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